April & The Paradigm

by April & The Paradigm

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released July 6, 2014



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April & The Paradigm Oakland, California

April & The Paradigm blend elements of rock, ska, punk & pop with inspirations from No Doubt to Paramore. Their upbeat, fun, and vibrant sound is energized by guitar heavy melodies (Tim Bryant, Canadian Dave), lively drums (Sam Steelstrike), funky bass lines (Bilee Kilowatt), empowered by front woman April Labson's strong vocals.- See more at: apriltheparadigm.com/bio/#sthash.XGivwub2.dpuf ... more

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Track Name: Go Away
Tell me how we got this far
Things don't seem the way they really are
You tell me you love me but why don't I feel it
You turn around and walk away
And we just quit

Well I need answers, yes I need answers
I can't take this anymore
We've been faking this way too long and I can't
See you eye to eye

So just go away
I don't need you to stay here by my side
We're over it, yes I'm so over it
And don't even think you can come
And cry to my face cause
I won't take anything you have to say anymore
Just go

Now how did we get this far
You don't say who you really are
So why did you tell me lies for so long?
Everything's "true" just so wrong


Why are you still standing in front of me
With those eyes so sad?
Cause you finally see that I'm the best you'll ever have?
Don't think that I have anything left for you
Inside my heart
All the love drained out so long ago


Why are you still standing in front of me
With those eyes so sad?
Track Name: Save Me Now
Why am I fighting this feeling
While they're falling down to whom
I can't control, taking it's hold
A tragic story untold

Labrynth, a maze, magic mirrors
In a circle down they go
Are they all blind?
Do they deny the tragic story unfolds?

Am I the one with a broken wing?
Am I the one to go down?
Am I the one that nobody sees?
Only you can save me now

Walking the line into darkness
Where the roads are unknown
Where is the end?
Where we begin?
The nightmare reels in

Running away but our bodies
held in captivity
No one in sight
This is the night
To fight to survive!


Save me now
Save me now
Save me now
Save me now

Why am I looking for sympathy?
Why am I to cry out?
Why am I to pay the penalty?
I know you can't save me now

Why do we live in this tragedy?
Why are we going down?
Why would I give in to destiny?
Only I can save me now

Save me now
Save me now

Save me now
Save me now
Save me now
Save me now
Track Name: This Contract
You wanted more than what I could afford
And you walked out the door to go
As you walked out my heart echoed so loud
That I hope you are happy now

But no where on this contract says that you own me
No where on this contract says that you do
No where on this contract says that I need you
No where now you're gone, we're done, we are through

You can't control what you can't see
Inside of me
Now that you're gone the bullshit stops
And I am free
From agony

Now you will find that I no longer mind
And that karma's a bitch
Bitch in the end
Carried away you start blaming my name
It's too bad cause we coulda'
Coulda' been friends


Now this is my chance to say
You shouldn't talk to me that way
I am not a slave no way
Never was not here today
Called you out on the games you played
Yeah I beat the cards you laid
I will not back down to say
Now that you're gone I'm
Here to stay


Whoa oh
I'm here to stay
Track Name: The Beauty
I defy the forces that deny
The life that I deserve
By the freedom of my voice
As I make the choice for me

Overdue the hope that is pursued
By taking out the thorns
That once held me back
I'll step into the place of my desire

What is freedom without free?
Life without the liberty?
To pursue what makes me smile
Without hurting those around?

What is mine is also yours
It's your heart open the door
Love will walk in let it stay
For the beauty of today

Overwhelmed events that have occured
Blinded by what we may not have learned
As the clock just keeps on clicking

You and I a journey til the end
By and by I know
We'll make a change and this life
will never ever be the same

It's your freedom let it ring
For the best of everything
As the world waits for it's turn
For the love that we all yearn

Take my hand and you will see
Just hold onto true beliefs
We will find a better way
For the beauty of today

The beauty is all around you
The faces that you see
The laughter from inside you
Is freedom
And liberty

Let my freedom touch you now
For the love that you have found
Hold on close don't let it go
By desire you will now
Rest assured that day'll come
What we do that will be done
That will never ever fade
For the beauty of today
For the beauty of today
For the beauty of today
For the beauty of today